200 Years of BankNewport


Thank you,

we couldn't have done it without you!

At BankNewport, we have been eagerly looking forward to this anniversary for some time now. We can’t wait to share our anniversary year with the people who made this all possible: you, our customers and community. We would never be able to reach this milestone without you. So keep your eye on our Celebration Happenings guide and come join the celebration.

Celebration Happenings



October, 2018

Oct. 4th- Oct. 31st 


As proud Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Foundation sponsors, we're handing out free calendars starting October 4th in all of our branches! 



October, 2018

Oct. 8th -Oct. 31st 


Employee United Way Service- Veterans Focus at BankNewport. We’ll be making fleece blankets and giving away teddy bears to help veterans and their families.

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Over the past 200 years, we’ve made many memories and reached many important milestones as a bank. Now we want to hear your own stories, memories and personal milestones while being a part of the BankNewport community.

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