Millennial RI Awards Local Leaders at #ChooseRI Celebration, Announces Partnership with BankNewport to          Launch New Millennial Workshop Series

RI Sen. William J. Conley, Providence Housing Court Judge Diony Garcia, and Business Owner Lindsey Lerner honored at Millennial RI’s largest-ever event


PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Millennial Rhode Island hosted its 5th annual #ChooseRI Celebration on Thursday evening at Providence G, with a record number of 300+attendees, including local entrepreneurs, business owners, lawyers, teachers, artists, consultants, politicians, students, and many other millennials celebrating their desire to “Choose RI” to work, live, and play.


At the celebration, Millennial RI announced its largest sponsorship to date through BankNewport – a $10,000 sponsorship to fund the organization’s 2019 Adulting 101 series, launching new workshop events throughout the year focused on millennial-targeted workshops, including:

  • “Homeownership” (April 25, 2019)
  • “Start Up Your Start Up: Business & Brews” (May 16, 2019)
  • “Budgeting Basics: Finance & Foodtrucks” (September 19, 2019)
  • “Building Your Brand” (October 17, 2019)
  • “Cryptocurrency & Identity Theft” (November 21, 2019)

“BankNewport is excited to partner with Millennial RI as the presenting sponsor of their Adulting 101 Series. As a Rhode Island-based community bank, BankNewport has served generations of families, businesses and communities for a very long time – we’re celebrating 200 years ‘young’ this year! In many ways the mission of Millennial RI and BankNewport are closely aligned, and that is why we are invested in a partnership to help their members succeed and thrive in Rhode Island, as their place of choice to live, work, grow, and establish new, exciting chapters of their lives,” said BankNewport President and CEO, Sandra Pattie. “We’re all familiar with the phrase ‘Knowledge is Power’ and I am confident that Millennial RI members will find great value from the Adulting 101 workshops that will be offered through BankNewport’s BNWise financial education program. Our team of facilitators are committed to sharing their financial expertise, to help participants strengthen their financial wellness skills, so that they may confidently and successfully manage a bright financial future.”

The #ChooseRI Celebration also announced its three 2019 Millennial RI award recipients:

  • Senator William J. Conley, Jr., who became the first recipient of the Inter-Generational Spotlight Award. Conley was celebrated for being a founding funder for Millennial RI, and was instrumental in helping the organization receive official Non-Profit status in 2016 through the State of Rhode Island. Conley has kindly provided Millennial RI office space at his law firm to conduct business.
  • The Honorable Diony Garcia, who became the first recipient of the Young Professional Spotlight Award. In 2013, Garcia helped organize some of the first brainstorming sessions that led to the formation of the Millennial Professional Group of RI and ultimately Millennial RI. As one of the organization’s co-founders, Garcia served on the board of directors for five years. Garcia currently works as an attorney and was recently appointed as a Housing Court Judge for the City of Providence, and remains a strong supporter of the work and mission of Millennial RI.
  • Lindsey Lerner, who became the first recipient of the Millennial-Owned Business Spotlight Award. Lerner is the founder of local business Level Exchange in Pawtucket, providing a space dedicated to production and working with innovative musicians, artists, and creators to hone their craft. Lerner wants musicians, including millennials, to benefit from professional quality marketing and content, and is building the network to provide that. 

“As an all-volunteer organization, we work hard to support and advocate for issues that impact our generation in Rhode Island,” said Travis Escobar, president of Millennial RI. “We’re here to connect businesses to our highly-skilled millennial workforce in Rhode Island, help young professionals develop in their desired fields, and ensure our state is a place where our generation will continue choosing to build their lives and careers. We’re proud to celebrate our milestones, our supporters, and our exciting year ahead.”

Millennial RI released its 2019 Membership card at the #ChooseRI Celebration, with discounts and unique benefits offered exclusively to its members at millennial-friendly local businesses across the state. In addition to BankNewport as the presenting 2019 sponsor, additional #ChooseRI Celebration sponsors included: CollegeBound, Harbor One, Centerville Bank, Pawtucket Credit Union, Teach for America, Providence Oyster Bar, The Providence Foundation, DelGrande and Montefusco, Inc., INNOVEX, Trailblaze Marketing, Webster Bank, and Papi’s Conquito.

Lead by a volunteer staff and board, Millennial RI has more than 200 members, with thousands of supporters on its social media platforms, making it the fastest-growing young professional organization in the state.

Rhode Island has prestigious universities and unparalleled technical programs producing a skilled and educated millennial workforce.Commonly burdened with student debt, underemployment, and lack of hands-on experience in our chosen fields, Millennial Rhode Island is working to retain our generation of young talent in Rhode Island. Whether it be through inspiring more business/entrepreneur-friendly statewide initiatives or tackling the crippling student loan issues facing our generation, our organization wants to ensure Rhode Island is both a destination and a home. We aim to demonstrate that the 300,000 millennials that reside in Rhode Island are invested in the state and, in turn, millennials are worth being invested in. Visit our website (www.millennialri.com) for information on our upcoming events, workshops and more.