Real-Time Payments®

Enjoy immediate, real-time payments from people and businesses, 24/7.


Starting with the ability to receive payments instantly, no matter the time or day, BankNewport is now offering real-time payment (RTP®) transactions to both personal and business banking customers.

The RTP® network from The Clearing House (TCH) is a real-time payments platform that all federally insured U.S. depository institutions are eligible to use. Currently, you are not able to send RTPs, but we plan to make that capability available in the future.

RTP Features

  • Receive funds of up to $1Million dollars instantly at any time, any day
  • Enhanced security for payments and messages
  • Real-time fraud screening
  • Payment detail confirmations
  • Facilitation of dialogue between parties


Questions About Real-Time Payments

What is a real-time payment (RTP)?

RTPs are an electronic payment method for sending instantaneous payments to and from most checking and savings accounts throughout the U.S.

Is there a transaction limit?

Yes. The RTP transaction limit is $1Million dollars.

How do I receive an RTP?

If you’d like to receive a real-time payment, provide your sender the routing number and account number of whichever account you’d like their payment sent to. Only share this information with senders you know or trust.

Please note: your routing and account numbers are available within your digital banking account. You can also find them at the bottom of your checks.

What happens when I receive an RTP?

A receipt that reads, “Real-time payment,” will be posted on your account statement with applicable account details. You can view your account through the mobile app or digital banking.

Is there a fee?

There are no fees associated with the receipt of a real-time payment.