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Visa® Debit Card

Access to your money when and where you need it.

With a BankNewport Visa® Debit Card, you can pay for purchases directly from your checking account simply by presenting this convenient, easy-to-use card everywhere your BankNewport Visa Debit Cards are accepted.

BankNewport VISA® Debit Cards are Apple Pay™, Samsung® Pay and Google PayTM Compatible!  

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Special Offers on Shopping, Travel, Dining, Entertainment and More!

Use your BankNewport Visa Debit Card to take advantage of special offers from select merchants online or in stores! Great discounts are available from the brands you love including:

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You can start saving today! Click the button below to see the full list of discounts available and instructions on how to redeem them. Be sure to check back often to see the latest offers:

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Get Your Card Immediately!

BankNewport offers Instant Issue Visa® Debit Cards. When you walk into one of our branches to open an account or replace a lost, damaged or stolen debit card, you will walk out with a new fully functional card within minutes. The Instant Issue Visa® Debit Card is only available in our branches. Visa® Debit Cards ordered online via Digital Banking, by calling Customer Service or ordered during the Online Account Opening process will not receive an Instant Issue Visa® Debit Card.

The BankNewport Visa Debit Card features:

  • Purchase amount automatically deducted from your checking account
  • Widely accepted
  • Prompt approval
  • More confidential
  • You'll receive a receipt (just like a credit card receipt) to record purchase amounts in your checkbook. The receipts will also become useful during tax recording.
  • You can use your Visa Debit Card to place mail-order or online purchases. Just use your card number when making your purchase.

Get Cash, Too!

Withdraw cash, make deposits or transfer funds at any BankNewport ATM 24/7. If you're out of town and run short of cash, there's no problem. You can use your card to make cash withdrawals from a non BankNewport ATM.

Your photo. Your card. Your way.

With the BankNewport #1 Card, you can personalize your BankNewport Debit Card with your own photo or a favorite image. Visit our Personalized #1 Card page for more information and to get started today.