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Medallion Signature Guarantee

The Medallion stamp is one of the many services offered at BankNewport.  It is exclusively used for transactions that involve the sale, transfer, redemption or liquidation of securities.  The stamp is a guarantee by the financial institution that the signature is genuine.  Medallion Signatures can only be completed by certified Managers of BankNewport.  To assure someone will be available to assist you, we recommend scheduling an appointment before your visit to one of our branches

In order to most efficiently process a Medallion Signature Guarantee, please follow these instructions:

  • Do not sign the document(s) before you arrive. The documents must be signed in the presence of the certified bank employee.

  • Present a form of identification (drivers’ license, passport, State I.D.)

  • To verify balance amounts and account numbers related to the trade or instruction letter, please bring your most recent statement for the securities.  BankNewport’s Medallion stamp covers up to $500,000.00 in value. 

  • If stock is involved, we will need the stock price as of the day we are stamping your documents

  • If you are signing in a capacity other than yourself such as an Executor, Guardian, Administrator, or Trustee, we will need the supporting legal documentation.  Legal supporting documents may include: Death Certificate(s), Letter of Testamentary, Trust Documents, Wills or an Affidavit of Domicile.


If you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment, please contact one of our branches.