Debit Card Alerts

As a BankNewport Digital Banking customer, you can access and manage your debit card alerts by using our mobile app, or through your account online.

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View how-to videos for easy ways to update your alerts from your iOS or Android mobile device.

Debit Card Alert FAQs

What are Debit Card Alerts? +

Debit Card Alerts is a service available via our mobile application that allows you to manage your debit card.

What type of phones are supported by Debit Card Alerts? +

Any phone or tablet that has the ability to download the BankNewport application will have access to this service. 

What type of cards are supported with Debit Card Alerts? +

Debit Card Alerts supports both personal and business debit cards. 

Can I use Debit Card Alerts to turn my debit card on or off? +

Yes, you can temporarily turn your debit card off with debit card alerts. However, if your debit card is lost or stolen, please contact customer support at 877.709.2265 to report it after you turn off the card. 

Is there a fee associated with using Debit Card Alerts? +

No, there is not a fee to use this service.

Can I block international transactions? +

Yes, you can block all international transactions using this service.

How long does it take for a control or alert setting to take effect? +

Any updates you make to your settings go immediately into effect. 

If I already have an alert set up, how do I add another one on the same card? +

You must edit your current alerts to add additional alerts. You will not be able to create a new alert if one already exists. 

If I have multiple BankNewport debit cards how do I set up alerts? +

If you have multiple cards, you will need to set up alerts and settings for each individual card.

If I have multiple BankNewport debit cards can I access all of them? +

You can access all debit cards linked to the accounts available in your digital/mobile banking account.