Mobile Wallet

The convenience of contactless payment

Pay for meals, groceries, or whatever you’re buying on the go without ever taking out your wallet. Link your BankNewport Visa® Debit or Credit Card to your phone’s mobile wallet and enjoy the convenience of paying on the go.


Safe, Secure, and Protected

  • Your card number is never stored on your phone. Instead, an encrypted code is used to store your card information.
  • In order to use your card, a code, fingerprint or facial recognition technology is required.
  • Every BankNewport Visa® Card comes with the added security of triggered alerts for unusual transaction activity. A text message is sent to your smartphone, giving you the ability to respond back by text to approve or decline the transaction in question.
  • Your BankNewport Visa® Card comes with security features to protect you from liability for promptly reported unauthorized use of your card.
  • Your personal BankNewport Visa® Debit or Credit Cards are compatible with Apple Pay™, Samsung Pay® and Google Pay™, so no matter what platform you are using, you’ll always have access to your money.

Card Management

If your Debit/ATM card is lost, misplaced or stolen, you can deactivate your card by clicking the “Deactivate” button next to the card you would like to deactivate in your mobile wallet. If you have deactivated your card because it was misplaced and you later find your card, you can select the “Reactivate” button to activate the card, and you can begin using the card again immediately.


Please note: If you believe there are unauthorized transactions posted to your account, please contact Customer Service at 401.845.2265 or 877.709.2265 outside the Newport County area.


Watch and Learn

View how-to videos for easy ways to update your alerts from your iOS or Android mobile device.